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We sold this beautiful 1975 Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino. The car was at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals at Carlisle, Pa.

Carlisle was great despite the fact it rained ALL day Saturday. Our Torino got a lot of attention, especially the paint job and the polish job on the wheels. There were 10 Starsky & Hutch cars there. All attendees displaying cars (about 1,800), voted on the cars in each category. In the Starsky & Hutch category only 8 votes separated our 75 from the first place winner!!! We caravaned there with John & Penny Q. (of http://www.starskytorino.com/) and Terry F.. It was impressive seeing 3 Starsky & Hutch Torinos traveling together for that 5 hour drive!!! Boy did we get the looks!!! We HAVE to get our 74 completed in time for Evansville in September. We even were able to display the car with the same plates as the show car.

We bought this 75 Gran Torino a little over two years ago with the intent to convert it to the S & H Torino for my wife, Arlene to drive. It is her dream car. The car has 132,000 miles on it. It had ALL the requirements we had for a first class Starsky & Hutch restoration. It had to be a Gran Torino with a black interior. It did have the typical rust issue that most Torinos have in the rear quarters. We completely cut out the rust areas and used POR-15 on the entire rear undercarriage. The floorboards were completely redone and undercoated both inside and out. All door panels were removed and the inside of the doors were undercoated. About a year ago we sent it to our body man. We had him weld in new American Steel rear quarters. He is an artist, there is not a hint that these rear quarters are not the originals! The weld line is along the body side molding so there is no concern about the repair showing up in the future. Every scrap of chrome was taken off (except the door handles) as well as the bumpers, mirrors and all lights. This is one of the most impressive paint jobs I have ever seen. Look at how he even followed the sheet metal seam with the stripe in the door jam picture. This car has been a real work of love. We replaced the bench seat with bucket seats from a Torino Sport, added the trunk light, installed an automatic trunk release from a 76 Torino, replaced the dome light with the deluxe one with the map lights, installed a factory clock, installed the correct shaped steering wheel (the car came with an after market sports wheel), put on deep dish slotted mags (14 x 7's on the front and 15 x 8's on the rear) that I just got back from the polisher. We installed NOS grill and gas door ornaments, and even installed a factory heated rear window. The gas tank was removed and reconditioned and coated. I just installed a new heavy-duty transmission oil cooler. I installed a Ford AM/FM 8-Track but since there are no speakers installed, I have not wired it. Speaker wires have been run to the doors. I also installed power door lock solenoids so when an alarm is installed they can be tied together. The Torino has a 351 W V8 with a 4 barrel carburetor and Dual Exhaust

Why after all this work did we sell it? Well last May we lucked onto a beautiful one owner 1974 Gran Torino with only 56,000 original miles that we couldn't pass up. We had it trucked to Ohio from Denver Colorado. It is now at the painters, so here we go again. While at Carlisle Arlene was generous enough to let me drive it for a short, make that a very short distance on the first leg of the return trip. Driving behind two other Starsky & Hutch Torinos was infinitely better than driving the chase van. VANS SUCK!!! I almost pulled the Torino off of Ebay, but since there were already bids, I decided I would just have to find another one to convert for me to drive. Well after a long look and patience I won on ebay a rust free Gran Torino with only 33,000 original miles that was parked in a barn for over 20 years (Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Clause). So I will now have my own S&H Torino to drive side by side with Arlene to shows sometime in the future. Why sometime in the future? Well Arlene’s 74 is still at the painter (primered and White stripe done so far) where it has been for over 3 years. The painter squeezes it in between insurance jobs and has been very busy. But since we do not have the finances to build a much needed garage we are not rushing him. So unless one of those many lottery winnings that seem to arrive daily the email box are real (fat chance) or some rich benefactor decides he feels a strong need to provide a warm loving home for a pair of S&H Torinos on my property, the 74 will remain unrushed at the painter and my 76 will sit under it’s car cover in our gravel driveway. Ahhh some day.

Click below to see the history of the restoration of this car, and maybe you can appreciate that even though the restoration work came out perfect, you can see why I don't want to go through the rust restoration part again. When the Torino was picked up by the transport driver he tried so hard to find something wrong with it to put on the diagram on his paperwork for shipment. He finally gave up and wrote at the top of he page "CAR LOOKS NEW": I will be updating more pictures in the weeks to come.

Gregg & Arlene Hazen

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